Reviewing Fish Oil For Health & Weight Loss

by Lose 10 Pounds on February 1, 2013

As you go about your diet plan, there’s no question that you might start looking into what supplements you can be using to see best results. don’t make the mistake of lookiing for the next new fat burning pill on the supplement shelves, you need to get your basic diet in check to get good results. without the right nutrients in your daily eating plan, no fat burning supplement will get you the fat loss or health results you’re after.(and probably never will!). As a personal trainer, I meet many people that think that fat burning pills will be their magic bullett, they’re always dissapointed. (for more info about personal training services you can click here)

One specific nutrient that you absolutely must have and should be supplementing with is fish oil.

In this article we’re going to have a look at the plus sides of supplementing with fish oil and the health benefits you can receive..

Cancer-Risk Reduction

The very first well-known benefit of using fish oil is for cancer prevention. only a smaill amount of fish oil, 2-6 grams, can mean a big decrease in your chances of developing many degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabeted, arthiritis, schizophrenia, amongst others..

For the best health possible, fish oil should be a staple in your diet..

Improved Triglyceride And Cholesterol Levels

Another good thing about fish oil that many people will want to take note of is the fact that it can also help to improve your overall cholesterol profile. Using fish oil regularly can help increase the good cholesterol in the body while decreasing the bad, offering clear heart health benefits.

Fish oil will also help to decrease your blood triglyceride levels, meaning you’re at less risk of heart diesease.

Better Body Composition

Those who utilize fish oil supplements on a daily basis also show improved body composition, with lower overall fat mass percentages compared to lean muscle tissue.

Fish oil will also ensure that your body is very sensitive to insulin, so that when you do eat carbohydrates, they are taken right up into the muscle cells as quickly as possible (provided you’re an active individual).

this will avoid large spikes in blood sugar levels, which will lead to blood sugar lows and a slump in your energy levels.

Mood Moderation

One interesting thing about fish oil is the influence it can have on your mood. People with depression, often have deficient levels of omega 3 fats in their body, making fish oil consumption all the more important.

You can use fish oil to imrprove your mood and avoid your chances of depression.

Enhances Your Metabolism

Finally, the last important benefit of fish oil to note is the fact that it can help to enhance your metabolism so that you see faster overall rates of fat loss.

manipulating your metabilism is going to be a big decider in the speed at which you can lose body fat so by doing all you can to improve your chances, you’ll get better results, faster.

While there are many things that you can do to increase your metabolism such as weight training, getting enough sleep, and using a proper calorie intake, taking fish oil is one of the best methods to maximize it.

So we can see there’s numerous postive’s to fish oil supplementation.. We’re only cover some of the many benefits of fish oil, this is not a complete and comprehensive analysis but just a quick and easy rundown of the main benefits you can experience. To find a personal trainer for more diet tips and advice you can go here,

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