Weight Loss – Can Latest Technologies Help?

by Lose 10 Pounds on January 23, 2013

Being called names and sidelined because of overweight is something that everyone fears. It also lowers the confidence that a person may have in his or herself. Obesity is everywhere and is plagues everyone, irrespective of their color, race, or culture. And this is the result of the fast-paced lives that all are leading making them depend on fast-foods as a major replacement for their meals.

Nevertheless, falling prey to these aspects or consciously making efforts to lead a healthy life is completely in our hands. Several studied have been conducted on the growing obesity rate and how to prevent it. One such study conducted by the Shiga University of Medical Sciences in Japan has revealed that consuming Wu Long tea can effectively burn double the calories as compared to regular green tea. Another benefit of this tea, when consumed 15 minutes before food, is its ability to control the increase of insulin that occurs when high amounts of carbohydrates are consumed. A carbohydrate-rich diet is what most often leads to overweight due to the increased insulin levels it creates; this tea works on this very aspect and helps to check weight gain.

Another remedy suggested by Dr Oz in his popular TV show is the consumption of green coffee bean extracts. Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, coffee bean extract supplements are considered an ideal weight control mechanism. Dr Lindsey Duncan, a guest in Dr Oz TV show in the episode titled “Burn Fat Faster: 5 Fastest Fat Burners” explained the reasons that contributed to the high effectiveness of green coffee bean extracts in reducing weight. Chlorogenic acid, one of the major components in these extracts contributes towards weight loss in two ways. First, the chlorogenic acid from the unroasted green coffee bean helps the body burn both sugar and fat directly, throughout the body but especially in the liver. Next, the chlorogenic acid ensures that insulin is slowly released into the bloodstream, which ensures that these is less sugar for conversion to fat. Therefore, this component ensures two way benefits for controlling obesity – it burns fat and it prevents the creation of fat. Thus, this extract is considered a miracle food that can help you lose existing weight, prevent accumulation of new fat, and above all being natural is free from side effects; and this has been proved by several studies.

Therefore, if you are considering losing your extra weight and leading a healthy life then it is important that you consider these latest weight loss techniques. However, we must never forget about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and a comprehensive exercise program when striving to achieve our weight loss goals. Your goals of a healthy body can be effectively achieve with a healthy lifestyle and natural supplements like green coffee bean extracts.

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